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2017 YOUNG MEN IN TECHNOLOGY (M.I.T), Leadership Conference

Updated: Feb 11, 2020

The 2017 Young Men in Technology Leadership Conference allowed KOP councils from around the state to come together for fun, fellowship, and training. Our youth leadership conferences serves as the KOP’s annual meeting for all Youth Knights, Sir Knights, and Parent Clubs in the state of Texas. We often receive and welcome guest from other states who have an opportunity to attend, learn, and be a part of our yearly event. The conferences consisted of various competitions which included but not limited to debate competition, statewide basketball tournament, oratorical competition, report card competition, brain bowl and etc. The reason for hosting our conferences on college campuses is to plant the seed of how important it is to attend a school of higher education. Our Youth Knights have the opportunity to visit college campuses, learn in college classroom environment, and experience a little of what college life is all about. The longer a Youth Knight stays in the program, the more colleges/universities he gets to visit. Some of our Knights are attending the various universities we visited, however all of them at the very least have had the opportunity of experiencing college life through KOP leadership conferences.

TRAINING M.I.T (Men in Technology) At this year’s conference we will focus on four (4) areas of technology to include computer hardware, computer software, robotics and coding. In a Science article I read called Youth and Technology: power and danger, it talks about how technology has the power to transform lives. It also stated that there is so much positive change that can come from harnessing innovation and technology through the imagination of youth – it can open their minds, show them the power of what they can achieve to work toward a positive future. This years event we were able to distribute Amazon Tablets to our Youth Knights to encourage reading.

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