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Michael L. Simms, Sr.

State Director

Texas KOP

Welcome to the Texas KOP website.  As State Director, I have often consulted with others and spent many hours trying to develop ways to maintain and improve this excellent community-based mentoring (CBM) organization. We have numerous KOP councils across the state


We must focus on the issues that affect our youth today and concentrate our efforts on providing the next generation of leaders with the tools they need to succeed. When you enjoy what you do to help make a difference in others, then it's considered a blessing.  


Thanks to the many Prince Hall Masons who have sacrificed their time by volunteering their time to assist our youth. Thank you to the parents who have given us their sons to be a part of the KOP program, and we thank our youth. Some have been a part of this youth organization for over 5 – 7 years. These young men understand the importance of leadership, responsibility, and brotherhood. Together we as Master Masons, Parents, and Youth, form a partnership and a relationship that benefits our youth……

Please feel free to email me. We have councils all across the state of Texas. If you want additional information,  please feel free to email me at

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