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In 1999 the Most Worshipful Grand Master, The Honorable Robert E. Connor, Jr., felt it necessary to start the Order of the Knights of Pythagoras and name its Grand Council after the late Past Grand Master, Thomas H. Routt. MWGM Connor appointed Bro. Jamal R.A. Rasheed to serve as the State Director(SD). SD Rasheed contacted the Supreme Council's Supreme Master Knight, Gilbert "Gil" Tyler (VA), who then sent the Supreme Knight Treasurer & State Director of Arkansas, Richard Sutton, to perform the ceremonies to activate the councils. The first five (5) councils started in Texas under its new Grand Council:
1. Grayson, Council No. 1, Sherman, Texas, District 8
2. Arthur L. Banks Council No. 2, Houston, Texas, District 15A
3. S.J. Sutton, Council No. 3, San Antonio, Texas, District 19
4. Marching to Manhood, Council No. 4, Riesel, Texas, District 14
5. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Council No. 5, Austin, Texas, District 24
IIn May 2001, State Director Rasheed was elected to the Supreme Council as Deputy Supreme Master Knight. PGM Conner then appointed Bro. Derrick Jones as the new State Director in June 2001. However, due to SD Jones's heavy work schedule, he was unable to continue. In November 2001, PGM Connor then appointed Bro. Michael L. Simms, Sr. as the new State Director for Texas KOP. After seeing that only a few councils remained active in the state, State Director Simms took the program in a new direction. He started by reorganizing the leadership structure and developing a theme that gives youth, parents, and master masons a better understanding of what the KOP program is about: "Training our Youth in Leadership, Responsibility, and Brotherhood". SD Simms then began informing Master Masons about this program's importance at Annual Grand Communications, Mid Winter sessions, and district meetings.

As of January 2021, we currently have 19 councils in the state. Texas's KOP program now has its website, logo, bylaws, mission statement, and statewide training program for youth across the state.

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We believe all of our young men can embrace who they are,
can define their future, and can change the world.

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Our Mission

The Most Venerable Thomas H. Routt Grand Council, Order of the Knights of Pythagoras, is a Youth Organization sponsored by

Prince Hall Masons of Texas.


Our organization takes young men between the ages of nine through twenty and trains them in Leadership, Responsibility, and Brotherhood.


Providing a partnership between Master Masons, our youth, parents, and the community. Our program promotes family  values, community service, and

continuously includes training for our youth as they become the future leaders of today as well as tomorrow...

Our Mission
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Our Vision

Training youth in the areas of Leadership, Responsibility, and Brotherhood

We Need Your Support Today!

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