Our Officers

Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Texas and Jurisdiction

SK Charles DeWitt

SK Willie High Coleman

Grand Youth Director

Chairman - Prince Hall Charitable Foundation

Most Venerable Thomas H. Routt Grand Council of Texas

Assistant State Director, KOP

ASD Rashaan Cook

SK Clary Glover

SK Robert Datcher

State Secretary

State Treasure


SK Ronald Gerac

SK Fred Jones

State Educational Officer

State Educational Officer

State Educational Officer


Deputy Assistant State Directors (DASD)
Special Deputy Assistant State Directors (SDASD)

South & West Texas Region

DASD Clary Glover

DASD Joshua Stephens

North Texas Region

DASD Christopher Riley 

Central Texas Region

DASD Val Jackson

Gulf Coast Region

SDASD Marlon Hickman

Gulf Coast Region

Most Venerable Thomas H. Routt Grand Council
Past State Directors

PSD Dr. Jamal Rasheed

1999 - 2001

Past State Director


Past Deputy Supreme Master Knight

Supreme Council

PSD Derrick Jones

2001 - 2001

Past State Director


Pierre J. Brown

Past State Director of Nevada

(A member of Texas KOP)


2018 - 2019 State Board of Regents



HPSD Ronald Gerac

(Houston, Tx)



DASD Joshua Stephens

(Dallas, Tx)

Vice President


SK Jeremiah Taylor

(Galveston, Tx)

2nd Vice President


SK Tyronne Powell

(Killeen, Tx)



ST Robert Datcher

(Dallas, Tx)



SK Paul Calhoun

(Houston, Tx)






2018 - 2019

Most Venerable Grand Council

Youth Officers

Christian Stanley #2

Most Venerable Grand Master Knight


William Dow #18

Grand Senior Knight


Christopher Riley III #14

Grand Junior Knight


DJ Freeman #18

Grand Knight Recorder


Mykelti Wright #2

Grand Knight Treasurer


Coby Cox #9

Grand Knight Senior Deacon


Ayran Johnson #2

Grand Knight Junior Deacon


Jaylen Williams #7

Grand Senior Knight Steward


Corey Fells #14

Grand Junior Knight Steward


Nicholas Watts #17

Grand Knight Sentinel


Dorian Rhoten, Jr. #10

Grand Knight Standard Bearer


Robert Lewis III #17

Grand Knight Chaplain


Sebastian Burton #10

Grand Knight Marshall


Jordan Miles #2

Grand Knight Orator


Justin Henriksen #13

Grand Knight Orator


Iverson Williams #18

Grand Knight Orator

Clary E. Glover, Jr.
State Recorder
Michael Simms
State Director 
Mailing Address​
Most Venerable Thomas H. Routt Grand Council
6115 Mayfair Farm

San Antonio, Texas 78244

T: 210-724-8607
F: 484-724-8607​

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